ADMN3270 – HR Planning Team Assignment Overview

In groups of 6 you will study a current HR Planning issue facing organizations within Canada or globally. The HR Planning issue can be on any topic studied within the course (IE/ Outsourcing, HR Supply or Demand, HRIS, Change Management, etc). You will then present your findings in a video presentation that will clearly outline the organization, conduct an environmental scan, define the issue, explain why the issue is relevant to the organization the issue is affecting, and recommendations on how the issue can be overcome. It is imperative that course material and knowledge be applied to the understanding of real-world consequences within the report.

The assignment will be done in two stages, a preparatory assignment to ensure the team is on the right track and then a video presentation recorded and submitted on Blackboard. Stage one of the team assignment is the Team Prep Assignment (5%), which allows students to explore a company, outline the issue and begin to do some research to support recommendations. This prep assignment will also explore how to create engagement when presenting virtually as well as create visually appealing slides.

The presentation and major portion of the assignment can be thought of as a consulting group bringing forward their findings of a company, the issues, and their recommendations to a board. Your group will present the key findings in a virtual presentation. The presentation (20%) will be 15-20 minutes in length. The presentation will outline the company, the industry, the issue, and the recommendations.

Technical Information
All the information needs to be compiled into a presentation. Slides, recorded presentation, and any citations as a separate document, must be submitted via Blackboard. Slides will be reviewed for marking content mentioned in the rubric. This means each submission will be the slide deck, recording and a list of references.

The presentation does not have to be recorded with a camera, but instead can be a voiceover on a PowerPoint or a recorded presentation through webcasting software (Zoom, Google Meet, etc). This can be done in any recording method, or PowerPoint can be used. In PowerPoint,
navigate to the Slide Show tab and press “Record Slide Show”. You can use the camera or turn the camera off and record the voice over the slides. Students can be creative with the voice over as they see fit – and use whatever system they choose to record. Flow is part of the rubric,
meaning however it is recording, it is imperative that the viewer does not struggle with watching the video and playing the sound.

The issue can be determined and explained through multiple sources of information: the news/press, journals, managers and employees, your own experiences, etc. The presentation must be formatted according to the APA style guide: Library APA Style Guide Link. All groups will attach a reference document to support research.

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