Applied Behavior Analysis: Single Case Research Design poster presentation.

Single Case Research Design (SCRD) Poster Presentation
This assignment will assess important skills as an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Scientist-Practitioner. First, you will design an evidence-based research study as it applies to a problem behavior for a client using a provided scenario. Then, you will create a poster presentation of your completed study. Begin by conducting research and finding at least three peer-reviewed academic sources that provide an evidence-based analysis of the specific intervention that will be used to support the target behavior that you will focus on for your client. Then, use the Unit 9 Assignment Template link to build your poster presentation. The poster presentation must include the following.
• Study Title
o Provide a title for your study that reflects the dependent/independent variables and the subjects. For example: Use of Non-Contingent Reinforcement on the Perpetual Squawking of a Parrot with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
• Introduction
o Provide a rationale as to why you chose this study, based on the literature that you reviewed. What makes your study a unique contribution to the field?
o Include your research statement phrased as: “The purpose of this study is to….”
 Be sure that it is clear as to what your study is looking to investigate or prove, and that both the independent and dependent variables in your research statement.
• Methods/Materials
o Include information on the participant(s), setting(s), materials, dependent variable, and procedures used in your study. Be sure to identify the research design you selected.
• Results
o Include a graphical representation of the data (hypothetical for the case study or actual if you are using a client) that meets ABA conventions for the selected graph(s).
 Do NOT copy and paste any data or graphs from alternate sources.
o Provide a brief summary of the results.
• Discussion
o Summarize the effectiveness and discuss the limitations of your study.
 Consider the pros and cons of the research design, the number of participants, the lack of generality, etc.

The Scenario you will use: Raymond is a 34-year-old man who wants to quit smoking. He has smoked a pack a day for the past 20 years but fears that continued smoking will have negative impacts on his health. Raymond is not sure that he can quit “cold-turkey” and has come to you to help him to establish a behavioral plan for quitting smoking. He has previously tried hypnosis, using a nicotine patch, and medications prescribed by his doctor, but nothing seems to be working for him to sustain a cigarette free existence. He is hoping that you can provide a more permanent solution to changing his habitual smoking behavior. For this scenario, plan a single case research study that will demonstrate whether your intervention is successful in addressing Raymond’s desire to quit smoking

In addition to the Poster Presentation, you will submit a 5-page essay summary, not including title page or annotated references, to further discuss the SCRD that you designed. Your original essay will be in APA formatting 7th ed. and include the following:
● Rationale of why the chosen design is appropriate for the study.
● Assessment of the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of the chosen research design.
● Discussion of reliability and validity of the measurement.
● A graphical representation of the hypothetical data used for the study (do not copy open-source data, use as guide), followed by a visual analysis of data to include:
• A summary of the within and between condition effects of the research design.
• A comparison of level, trend, and immediacy of effect.
• Calculations that identify variability or stability of data within a condition.
• A discussion of the split middle line of progress to determine trend and the Percentage of Non-overlapping Data (PND).
● Annotated Bibliography: Sources listed in APA format within an Annotated Bibliography of the three articles. Include a brief descriiption of the research question(s) and hypothesis as well as the method, setting, subjects, and research design used. Be sure your annotated bibliograph provides a summary of the results and the conclusions as reported by the author(s) of the study.

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