Bioinformatics Content Application Scenario.

Angie is a 34-year-old who must decide if she will be genetically tested for breast cancer. She calls you, her friend, to discuss this because she is confused and you are not only her friend but also a healthcare professional. She is looking to you for advice and support. She tells you that they rattled off a lot of information, including genetic testing, something with her DNA, BRCA 1 & 2, life choices, and bioethics. Of course, they told her the decision was hers to make.
You listen to Angie and then tell her that you must do your research on genetic testing in relation to breast cancer and get back to her. You begin your research assessing the role of genetic testing in healthcare and the link between BRCA and breast cancer. What are the current thoughts on its accuracy and potential to keep one healthy?
Next, you must develop a rationale for supporting a decision for genetic testing as well as making a case for being opposed to genetic testing, specifically relating it to breast cancer.
Finally, you reflect on your friend and her health history and lifestyle. You are concerned about payment for the testing and if her insurance will cover it and subsequent treatment if necessary. You want to provide her with as much information as you can so she can make an informed decision.
Post a 500-word essay in which you discuss the following:
Based on your research, what would you explain to Angie or a patient? What would you do if it was you?
If Angie told you that her mother and one of her three aunts had breast cancer, would that change what you would tell her?
If Angie told you that she did not have a family history, would that change what you would tell her?

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