Case Study: e-Design.

Case Study: e-Design


e-Design is a design firm, based in Copenhagen, and it’s a design firm that’s on the rise. It’s an ambitious firm. It’s a successful firm. It’s profitable. At the time of the case, it’s extremely busy. Everybody’s working hard. Everybody’s working extra hours. It’s expanding. It has an expanding base of international clients. If we look at its history, it’s the result of several mergers of smaller firms. e-Design got its start when four graduates of the Danish Design School decided to get together and start a business. They’d just graduated from the Danish Design School, and they decided they didn’t like what they saw there very much. They had seen the world of design, and they decided they didn’t like it very much, and so they adopted a phrase.

They wanted to smash the world. They wanted to smash the world of design. This was the beginning of a firm that considered itself extremely edgy, extremely revolutionary.

What we’re going to focus on now is the situation that faced them in 2006, which will be the focus of our final project. In 2006, e-Design, an up and coming ambitions design firm, was invited unexpectedly to participate in a design competition. They were competing against two other much more prominent firms, that’s why they were surprised, and it was a very prominent competition. It was a competition to provide new logos and new identity for Denmark’s national sports team. So, the logo that they defined, the look that they defined would be on television, it would be on shirts, it would be on hats, it would be on anything that Team Denmark fans wore, or encountered at a sports event. Very, very high visibility for the winner. A very big deal for e-Design if they could win.

Case Study Details

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Some Samples of e-Design Work

e-Design developed the concept for the Jacobsen brand of beer. Jacobsen is a “craft brewery” owned by Carlsberg.

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