Classes- Confident Writer, Advanced spreadsheet and Corporate Finance

Week 2: Generating Reports from Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks Using the Internet, conduct a thorough search for more information on using multiple worksheets and workbooks in Excel. Do not list the steps of a function as it will not count towards your word count. Include the website using APA formatting (see below). Do not use your eBook as a reference, but of course, always read the eBook before completing the Training.

Be sure to cite your sources using APA style format. For information on how to use proper APA style formatting, go to the College library site at to an external site. Links to an external site. or visit the Purdue Owl site at to an external site. or or

Choose one bullet below and explain what this formatting does and how it can be used in your chosen career field. Feel free to also discuss how this can be used throughout your academic endeavors. In addition, it is required that you do research and cite your reference at the end of the post.

Organize worksheets in a worksheet group.
Write an external reference
Manage the security features of linked documents
Create a hyperlink to a document source
Create and apply a named range
Work with name scope
Create a workbook template

I Picked Chapters week 6 and week 7 to talk about. Links are below.

1. Choose two topics of your choice from chapters 5-7 and describe in your own words what you learned providing an explanation of 200 words for each topic.
2. Pose two questions on material that is not clear to you from chapters 5-7. Let’s try to answer each other’s questions to test our own understanding of the material. Only two replies are required this week.

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