Compare and contrast the two treatment options or approaches.

Include the following information in your case study:

Introduction: Introduce the patient demographics, complaints, and discuss key concepts related to the topic
Setting and social dynamics (community clinic, private practice, skilled nursing facility, support system, etc.)
Subjective information: Chief complaint, HPI, PMH, PSH, FH, SH, ROS
Objective information: Physical exam and any known results
Medical decision-making and clinical impression (diagnosis)
Introduction of two different evidence-based, peer-reviewed articles or treatment guidelines for the chosen diagnosis
Compare and contrast the two treatment options or approaches
Assess and include analysis of the merit and soundness of research (i.e. discuss which treatment has more research or better research)
Indicate which treatment option was chosen for the patient scenario and provide justification on why it was better for them
Include specific plans or interventions, recommendations, education, health promotion, and follow-up as needed for the case
Discuss possible or real cultural and socioeconomic considerations or how you would ensure equitable, inclusive care for your patient
Conclusion: Include a summary of the case study and lessons learned

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