Compose a research article providing an explanation of a course on human development and longevity.

Advice on How to Create a Research Statement
1) Develop a 1-2 word topic

a. Create a research thesis/declarative statement that connects to that topic of interest. It must be within the guidelines of a lifespan and human development course

2) In developing the research statement first solve what will be proved?

Make sure when developing a statement to prove or disprove to not include
a. Statistics
b. include yourself in the statement
c. Be clear and not vague
d. Anything too easy to prove or that is common knowledge
e. A question. What if I present him with a question? A question is not a statement. Therefore, try to answer your own question in the form of a statement.

Then, present in 1 sentence what it is that you want to prove or disprove about your topic (hence, a research statement).

If still having difficulty in developing a statement then answer the following questions.
a. Why did I choose this topic?
b. What am I trying to prove or disprove?
c. What do I want to review about this topic?
d. For whom am I researching this topic for?
e. For where is the topic fitting (age? Location?)
When you have the answers then use them to create a 1 sentence research statement.
If still having difficulty then go to google and type in the search bar, declarative research statement. Review examples provided.

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