Compose a research paper on the case study assignment for DEN 1200, Principles of Dental Hygiene Care II: Treatment and Home Care Plan.

Compose a research paper on the case study assignment for DEN 1200, Principles of Dental Hygiene Care II: Treatment and Home Care Plan.For this assignment you will be assigned a case study. Using all the information provided about the patient including intraoral photos, dental/periodontal charting, develop a complete treatment plan and home care plan (using the proper forms) that is specific and individualized to the patient’s oral health needs. You must also produce a detailed SOAP note for the patient. In addition, you must provide a detailed written explanation for why you are recommending a specific treatment, home care plan, referral, etc. Next, explain what oral health goal you expect the patient to reach during the next six months— examples: PI score, biofilm/plaque, sensitivity, or caries risk reduction, etc. Finally, describe how the modifications/improvements will influence the oral and general health of the patient. If the patient presents with an oral manifestation or has a diagnosed systemic condition you are unfamiliar with, use your textbook to research it further and offer some insight into the condition in your paper.
Although, you are only just beginning to learn how to interpret radiographs (if your case has radiographs) see what information you can gather from them along with intraoral images to assist you in your assessments, DH diagnosis, and recommendations. Use your AAP classification guide to determine the Stage and Grade of the patient if they have periodontal disease.
You must use at least two references, one from your textbook and one from a peer-reviewed article you find (recent within the last five years), to support your reasoning and use proper in-text citation according to APA guidelines. Your advisor will grade the assignment (uploaded to Blackboard) using the provided rubric within two weeks after the submission due date. Please note late submissions will not be accepted. This assignment is worth 10% of your clinic grade.

Your paper submission should include the following:
• First page – include your name, group, date, advisor’s name, and case study number on the cover page.
• Second page – should include an initial visit SOAP note written as it would appear in the patient’s electronic medical record.
• Third and Fourth pages: the treatment and home care plan forms completely filled in.
• Fifth page or more: explain the reasoning for your recommendations and the anticipated outcomes.
• Last page – references

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