Compose a research paper outlining An Analysis of Animal Treatment: Drawing from a Variety of Sources.

Compose a research paper outlining An Analysis of Animal Treatment: Drawing from a Variety of Sources.The sources listed below all examine animals, animal emotions, the role of animals in our lives (from having pets to using animals for entertainment and food), and the role of ethics and morality in terms of our treatment of animals. After watching/listening to the sources listed below, you will write an essay as described below.

The body of the essay should have three sections:

What do we learn about animals from the sources. Using the sources, discuss things like animal emotions and intelligence–One or Two Paragraphs
Based on the sources, what is wrong with the way we are treating/using animals either for food or entertainment?–Two to three Paragraphs
Drawing on the sources, what should be done–and what do you think should be done?–One Paragraph
Note: Your thesis should state what is wrong with the way that we are treating animals and what should be done.

Blackfish (You will find this film in next week’s module)
Radio Lab: “Animal Minds”: Click Here
Charlie Rose: “When Elephants Weep”:Click Here
Food Inc. (Optional–this will be available later on in the unit).
Peter Singer: “The Ethics of What We Eat”: Click Here
Freakonimics: “Bruce Friedrich Thinks There’s a Better Way to Eat Meat”:Click Here
Fresh Air: “How Autism Can Help Us Understand Animals”: Click Here

This essay should be approximately 3 to 4-pages long. In my class, if you are shooting for an A, you should go above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak, and stretch out to a full 4 pages for this paper.
You will use quotes/paraphrases from the sources as evidence to back up your claims. Warning: Try not to rely on one source too heavily. It’s a good practice to try to weave in two sources per paragraph instead of letting one source dominate a paragraph.
This essay should include quotes from at least five of the sources listed above.
You may bring in one outside source(s) of your choice, but there is no need.
For this assignment, I am looking for your deliberate use of quotes to support your points. I should see a quote from at least one source in each body paragraph. It is even better if I see quotes from two sources in most body paragraphs.
All sources must be documented following MLA guidelines (See info on quotations, in-text citations, quote integration later on in this unit).
This paper needs a works cited page. Please review the works cited information (This will come later in the unit).
According to MLA guidelines, your paper should be double-spaced and in Times New Roman (12 font).

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