Compose a research paper outlining the collaborative learning theoretical framework.

Ashley Garrigan
Mar 4, 2024 at 11:44 AM
The nursing metaparadigm is a structure that shows a comprehensive and holistic care model. High quality patient centered care is imperative and when following the guide of frameworks if can be easily obtained. When breaking down the nursing metaparadigm, the person is the patient/patients themselves. This includes the person’s age, race, sex, religion, culture and more. It can be one person, or one group, one community, one population etc. Health is regarding the person’s health. Not just one specific diagnosis, but their overall well-being. The person’s environment is taken into account and includes their internal and external environment. The patient might be hospitalized, which is their current environment, but to treat a patient holistically their home conditions, transportation, ADLs etc. are considered as well. Nursing is the treatment and actions that the nurse provides to the person.

The six CCN philosophical constructs are holistic health, person-centered care, care focused, cultural humility, professional identity and extraordinary nursing care. Both the nursing metaparadigm and CCN concepts are very similar in the fact that there’s a person-centered holistic approach that has a goal of high-quality care. The metaparadigm and CCN have four similar components; however, the metaparadigm person components encompass focused care along with cultural and religious beliefs and preferences when treating patients.

Compose a research paper outlining the collaborative learning theoretical framework.The nursing metaparadigm plays a significant role in advanced nursing practice by again focusing on the goal of holistic and high quality/extraordinary nursing care. Patients might share the same diagnosis, but they don’t share the same background, cultural beliefs, environments, or resources. It’s important to take more than an individual diagnosis into account to ensure quality care. Treatment and treatment plans include a lot more than just medications, or just a procedure. Our job as advanced practice nurses is to look at the overall well-being of a patient, which is more than the specific diagnosis.

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