Compose a study on the topic, “What caused the pandemic era inflation?”

Compose a study on the topic, “What caused the pandemic era inflation?”Individually or in groups of your own choosing (5 students or less per group) find an article (from anewspaper, news website, magazine, etc.) related to a topic of your choosing that addresses the mathconcepts we have discussed (or will discuss) in this course. Some of the math concepts areunderstanding large numbers, ratio, percent, percent change, mean, median, mode, averages, weightedaverages, investigating bias in statistics, descriptive statistics, measurement, indices, financial math,counting, and probability. Use the article (make sure you cite the source) and develop•

Write an introduction to the topic (2-3 paragraphs or more) that will also be included in theproject you turn in. This introduction can come from notes in class or research done on thetopic. This introduction should also highlight the big math ideas that your case study willaddress, provide definitions, and examples of the math concepts.• a warm-up Question Set (minimum of 4 questions). These questions need not be based on thedata given in your article. See examples of warm-up questions from the Case Studies we havedone.• a Case Study Question Set (minimum of 6 questions) similar to the set up in the book. Thesequestions need to be based on the real world data given in your article(s). You are not allowedto make up data values but use the real data given in your article(s).• You will also need to provide a solution manual (with all work shown and process explained) forthe Warm-up and the Case Study Questions, which will be checked for correctness and detailadded.• Also, on its own page as a cover sheet provide a list of group member names, if working ingroups.Formatting:Introduction, Warm-up, Case Study Questions, and the solution manual for the project should be typed.You may use word, power point, or any other program to make your project aesthetically appealing.Grading:There is a rubric on the back of this sheet. Grading of questions will be based not only on correctness,but also on how good of questions they are and the diversity of math concepts they address, the detailprovided in the solutions, and the richness of the introduction. Note: Please DO NOT pick blogs, mathtutoring websites, or articles that just provide definitions of math concepts such as mean, median etc.without any real-world data. No points will be awarded for using made up data.The point is to do research on a topic of interest such as Food Insecurity in Arkansas, Refugee Crisis,Water Pollution and Marine Life, Global Pandemic & Inflation, Real-Estate in NWA – pre & post COVID,etc. find real-world data through research and create math questions through which we can makesense of the quantitative data in our society.

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