Consider how Race as a social construction influences how we view each other.

Be certain to establish a thesis statement at the outset of your paper that will direct and organize your discussion to follow. Your thesis should be tenable, and must consist of precise terms that motivate further discussion.

Just as you must establish a tenable claim in your paper, you must also cite relevant passages from the text that offer support for your claims. Remember that you do not need to summarize the entire text, but rather you need only to identify the most relevant passages and scenes that support your claims and assertions.

Do the work of analysis: This means you must establish an argument and then support or test your claims by identifying relevant passages from the texts we have read that demonstrate the concepts and ideas that form your position.

Establish a relevant and also thought-provoking title for your paper. Never submit a paper with a generic title such as “An Analysis of Antiracist Strategies.” Instead, a title such as ‘“Created Equal:” American Jeremiad Rhetoric in the Freedom Struggle’ is much more fitting and expressive of your purposes in the essay.

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