Create well-developed,coherent, and unified texts appropriate for various rhetorical situations and audiences.

Locate and evaluate sources relevant to your topic using the CRAAP test. Read
and annotate each source.
Write a proper citation for each source. Then, write a concise
summary of what it contains, and how
it will be useful to your paper.
Revise, edit, and submit the final draft of the annotations.
Total word limit – 450 – 600 words for all three
150-200 word
annotation per source

CLO1: Create well-developed,
coherent, and unified texts appropriate for various rhetorical situations and


CLO3: Integrate sources
through the use of direct quote, paraphrase, or summary with proper citation.

20 %


that you have chosen a topic to explore in greater depth (this may be the same
topic from your first assignment OR a new topic), develop an annotated
bibliography containing three academic sources.

For each
source, provide
ü bibliographic
information (author, date, article title etc.) in APA format.
ü annotations
which include a summary of the source’s main ideas and its usefulness to the
argumentative essay.

sure to:
ü use the
CRAAP Test to select your sources.
ü write a
one paragraph annotation of between 150-200 words for each source
ü arrange
the sources alphabetically
ü Include
the following information in each annotation paragraph:
The author’s name (if
Article/source title (if
there is no author)
A summary of the main
ideas and key details of each source; this information may be found in the
abstract but be sure to paraphrase
The usefulness of the source
to your topic – how it fits into your research, is it providing a supporting
point, a counterargument etc.

type of sources to be used should come from the list below:
Scholarly publications (peer-reviewed journals)
Newspaper articles and reliable news
Books and book chapters
Theses and dissertations
Official government websites
Government reports
Government documents

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