Data Collection and Analysis Plan

In the last module, you described your chosen qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods methodology and an appropriate research design.
You have now approached the third phase of your research proposal: developing a plan for data collection and analysis.

Step 1
Think about the data collection plan you will use for your research proposal. Consider the following to be addressed in your data collection and analysis plan:
How will your data collection plan support your selected research method and design?
Is probability (simple random, cluster, etc.) or nonprobability (quota sampling, convenience, etc.) sampling most appropriate for your study?
How will you determine the appropriate sample size?
What data will you need to address the research questions?
What data is available?
How will you analyze the data? Be sure that your proposed analysis aligns with the methodology (A qualitative study may use thematic analysis, while a quantitative study may use regression analysis, T-Tests, or ANOVA, etc.).

Step 2
Use the Data Collection and Analysis Plan ACE Template to compose your plan.

Step 3
Submit your APA-formatted title page, 1- to 2-page data collection and analysis plan, and a reference page.
Time-Sensitive Preview: Review your instructor’s feedback carefully and note the improvements for when you assemble your completed research proposal draft in Module 4.

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