Debate concerning the theories of equality.

Write a paper that addresses an aspect of the debate concerning theories of equality. The paper should have a clear thesis and should incorporate elements of at least two authors from the syllabus. No sources beyond the syllabus are recommended. The paper should be approximately 2000-2500 words (8-10 pages). Citations may follow the form of your choice (MLA or Chicago is recommended).
1. Title: Does the paper have a title? Is it informative? Is it interesting and distinctive (i.e., fits this paper uniquely)? If it does not have a title or does but could be improved, what would you suggest?
2. Introduction: Does the paper have an adequate introduction? Does it, for example, clearly let the reader know what to expect by making the focus clear? Does it do more than describe a broad area of inquiry and a general topic within it? Does it “sell” the paper by making the reader want to read on? What improvements would you suggest?
3. Thesis: Does the paper state an explicit, specific thesis that governs the whole essay? The thesis is not the broad topic of the essay, but the specific focus that gives it a unique purpose. If necessary, suggest an alternative or improved version of the thesis statement.
4. Argument: How persuasive is the argument? Does the author address objections to the argument being analyzed? Are the paragraphs organized and ordered well? Are there places in need of greater coherence or clearer transitions? Make suggestions to improve the argument.
5. Content: How well has the author conveyed an understanding of the ideas and arguments in this course? Make suggestions to improve the author’s use of these ideas.
6. Form: Are there grammatical errors? Are the sentences clear and concise? Does the writing have the proper level of formality, i.e., sounding academic rather than colloquial? Does the writing use too many clichés?
7. Conclusion: Does the paper have an effective conclusion that reiterates and brings together the main ideas of the paper? Does it match the thesis, or has the paper drifted in a different direction by the end? A good conclusion will often answer the “so what?” question (i.e., why does this argument matter). Alternatively, the conclusion may bring out some further questions or implications for further thought. Comment on the strength of the conclusion.
8. Authorial Voice: Does the author’s voice come through in the paper? That is, does the paper not only summarize the material in question but also interpret and reflect on it in an academic manner?
9. Virtues: Please compliment the author on some aspect(s) of the paper. What is good about it, and how might the author build on that?

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