Describe how the knowledge gained broadened your understanding of the cultural factor and personality.

All students should read the linked module on Culture and Personality, paying close attention to the discussion of the different cultural factors affecting personality section. You are to choose one of the cultural factors discussed (e.g., religion, race/ethnicity, gender, aging) in the chapter or another aspect of culture (e.g., gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, veteran status, etc.) and locate a scholarly article (this means an article from the library databases NOT a blog article that you googled) on how one of these factors relate to or interact with personality.
Your oral presentation should (1) provide a brief overview of the article (i.e., what was the overarching theme or purpose of the article), (2) what the researchers did to examine the topic (some may have done a review of other research or may have conducted their own empirical study), (3) their primary findings and their (4) main conclusions about the cultural factor and personality, and (5) YOUR key takeaways from the research. Describe how the knowledge gained broadened your understanding of the cultural factor and personality.
You should complete a voiceover Kaltura presentation on the topic with no more than 5-7 slides that lasts about 7 minutes. These are not hard guidelines, but if you exceed 10 slides or exceed 10 minutes you will be penalized. You are graded on your ability to:
1) Cover the content areas
2) Explain the work done IN YOUR OWN WORDS (not just regurgitating the words from the article)

3) Your oral presentation style-clear, articulate, normal rate and prosody, lack of verbal distractors (e.g., significant “ums”)-you should not just read scripted information. The goal is for you to “teach” or explain your topic.
4) The organization, clarity, and aesthetics of your slides (should be bulleted points not long sentences and should have readable font and appealing graphics

* I attached the Culture and Personality for your review. I also attache two articles for you to choose from. The oral presentation will have to be in a female voice due to being a female.

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