Describe Practicum Experience objectives.

I have been assigned to complete an 11-week practicum on a med surg unit in a large academic hospital. My aim is to increase and improve the collaboration of interdisciplinary teams to partner with nursing to achieve positive patient outcomes as it pertains to quality metrics such as hospital-acquired pressure ulcers, Central line infections, etc. It has been proven that with collaboration with different teams, we can achieve better.

To ensure that you are building nursing-related skills and competencies within your practicum setting, it is important to develop specific, appropriate objectives for your practicum hours each quarter. The Practicum Experience allows you to compile your learning objectives and planned timeline for completing your practicum hours and developing your MSN-level specialty-area knowledge and skills. At the end of this quarter, you will use the information in your Practicum Experience to evaluate your progress and achievements in your practicum setting.
Think about learning objectives that would guide your practicum hours, as well as the activities you will undertake to achieve those objectives.
Draft two or three learning objectives that are related to the AACN 10 domains from the 2021 Essentials, your MSN-level practice-area specialty competencies, and the focus of this course. Examples include clinical experiences in quality improvement, health policies and innovation, leadership, informatics, and staff education. Students may not work on their DNP projects during this course. Students cannot provide direct patient care during any DNP practicums.

American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2021). The Essentials: Core competencies for professional Nursing education Links to an external site.

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