Describe “Principle of Macro Economics- 3e” in a research paper.

Describe “Principle of Macro Economics- 3e” in a research paper.
Create a mind map to explain the supply & demand model used for predicting market equilibrium changes due to variables other than price, and connect the information in Chapters 2, 3 & 4 back to Chapter 1. This is not a summary project, therefore it would be impossible to include everything. Instead, focus on what key things stand out to you most in each chapter. To help you get started you will want to follow the GRIND method outlined in this video to an external site.

Preparation: Allocate sufficient time to read, study, and reflect on “how to solve supply & demand problems from Chapter 4.”
Practice: Work out a few problems graphically before starting the project to understand key terms and concepts.
Tool Selection: Use any software or draw the mind map by hand.
Guidance: If stuck, ask Chat GPT for steps on mind map creation, or feel free to use other AI tools to help you do this
Editing: Refine your mind map until words become a “last resort.”


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