Describe the actual use of the product and/or service by the consumers.

No introduction needed. Write a paragraph for each “P”.

The 4 P’s of Marketing

• Describe the type of product(s) and/or service(s) that the retailer is offering to consumers
• What are the “Unique” attributes or features (if any) of the retailer’s products and/or services?
• Is there any apparent differentiation between the retailer’s products and competitor’s offerings?
• Describe the actual use of the product and/or service by the consumers. In other words, what purpose
do the retailer’s products and/or services provide to the consumers. Are the retailer’s products and/or
services a luxury or a necessity? Explain your reasoning.

Price and Pricing Policy
• Discuss the product’s and/or service’s price (store may have a product line; therefore, provide a general overview
of its pricing structure). The retailer’s pricing policy structure in general terms can be described as low pricing policy,
moderate pricing policy, and prestige (expensive) pricing policy
• Comment on the retailer’s apparent or perceived pricing strategy. Why has the retailer selected such a pricing
• In consideration of the retailer’s pricing strategy, discuss the apparent positioning of the retailer relative to its
• Discuss the apparent or perceived impact of the product’s and/or service’s price on the consumers. What image do
consumers have of the retailer and its products?

• Discuss which of the “Integrated Marketing Communications Components (Advertising and Promotional
Methods)” the retailer is using to attract its target market and to convince the target market to purchase
its products and/or services
• Note Well: The “Integrated Marketing Communications Components” are methods that a retailer may
use to attract the attention of its target market. These methods are as follows: “advertising, sales
promotion, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling, point-of-purchase store-displays,
packaging, labeling of its product, sponsorships, and online interactive communications / social media
platforms”. Retailers typically employ one or more of these marketing communications components to
make the target market aware of the existence of their products and/or services and to convince the
target market to purchase their products and/or services
• Is the current apparent promotional strategy based on the retailer’s selection of specific “Integrated
Marketing Communications Components” effective? Explain your reasoning
• How does the retailer appear to be positioned within the minds of its target market? Specifically, describe
the apparent “image” that the retailer wants to portray to its target market relative to its competition.
Explain your reasoning.

Place of Distribution
• Where and how is the retailer “distributing / selling” its product(s) and/or service(s) to potential
• Regarding the Brick-and-Mortar aspect of the retail store:
• is /are “the physical location(s)” appropriate and convenient for the target market? Explain your
• Briefly describe the “LOOK” of one of the retailer’s “physical stores”. Does the retail store’s actual
physical “Look and Layout” appear appealing for its target market? Why or why not?
• Regarding the retail store’s E-Commerce Web Site:

• Does the content (meaning the information and pictures) within the web site appear to have an
attractive design that appears both original and appealing? Do you believe the overall design and
appearance of the retailer’s Web Site is well designed to both attract and maintain the attention
of its Target Market? Explain your reasoning and provide several specific examples to illustrate
your perspective.
• Based on the links within the Web Site, is this Web Site easy to navigate from Web Page to Web
Page to find product and service details or not? Is it simple to place an order? Explain your
reasoning, and provide several examples to justify your reasoning.
• Does the web site have any “Unique or innovative features”? Explain your reasoning and provide
several examples to justify your reasoning.

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