Describe the economy of the region – employment, costs of living, local industry, and housing opportunities.

As you have learned in Unit 5, many American neighborhoods are culturally diverse. For this assignment, you are asked to choose which of the neighborhoods presented in the unit where you would like to live.
Select a neighborhood from Unit 5, Chinatown, Harlem, Southside, Hendersonville, or Portage where you might want to live someday, and then take on the role of a Real Estate Agent trying to influence your decision to move there.
Create a PowerPoint presentation:
Describe the location of the neighborhood – where it is and what geological features like mountains, lakes, or rivers are nearby. (Slide 1)
Describe the economy of the region – employment, costs of living, local industry, and housing opportunities (Slide 2)
Detail the cultural events they will enjoy once they move there – celebrations, parades, concerts, street art, etc. (Slides 3 and 4)
Highlight at least one restaurant experience they could have that reflects the local cuisine. Be sure to describe at least one food that might be on the menu (Slide 5)
Conclude your presentation with at least 3 reasons why this neighborhood would be a better choice for a client than the other neighborhoods described in Unit 5. (Slide 6)
Include any references you used in your presentation (Slide 7)
Things to remember:
Note that you must create a minimum of 7 slides as outlined above.
Each slide should include an image and a minimum of 3 bullet points.
You will expand on the bullet points on each slide in a separate script or the notes section, using 2 or 3 well-developed sentences for each bullet point.
Research is needed to ensure accuracy. Avoid low-quality websites. Include your sources of information or images on Slide 7
Proofread before submitting.
You will need to include facts to support your neighborhood descriptions. These facts need to be referenced. Your source material must be academically credible and validated using in-text citations and references in APA format.

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