Describe the five elements of social emotional development in a research paper.

Describe the five elements of social emotional development in a research paper.There has been a greater emphasis on children’s social/emotional health in recent years. A 2002 study in Chicago found a high rate of expulsion in child care programs, particularly with infants and toddlers. Over 40 percent of child care programs asked a child to leave because of social-emotional and behavioral problems, with the most challenging behaviors being biting, hitting, and aggressive behavior. A 2005 study indicated that Illinois preschoolers were kicked out of their programs at a rate nearly three times that of their grade school and high school peers.

In 2017 Governor Rauner passed legislation that require social and emotional screenings as part of kindergarten entry and that these are as important as medical physicals and dental requirements. In 2017 Illinois also passed groundbreaking legislation aimed at ending the practice of expelling infants, toddlers, and preschoolers from their early childhood program. This became effective on January 1, 2018 and the law sets forth a process by which the chances of removal of a child from a program due to behavior and/or implicit bias is significantly minimized and ensures that removal is not the first or only option explored. It clarifies that available resources, services, and interventions must be utilized, such as developmental and social emotional screenings, infant/early childhood mental health consultation, referrals to Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education, and consultation with a child’s health care provider. What do you think of these changes? What should early childhood programs be doing to help children that struggle with social/emotional or behavioral concerns?

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