Describe the global relevance of the problem including statistics

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Writing Assignment Health Problem Proposal
Health DisparitiesI
In recent decades, health promotion programs in the United States have substantially improved the health of residents. However, there is ongoing concern about health disparities, which occur most commonly in racial and ethnic minorities, people who do not have health insurance, and those who are poor and have less than a high school education. A recent report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2011a) emphasizes that there are considerable and persistent gaps between the healthiest and least healthy people. For example, many racial and ethnic groups have higher rates of the following conditions that are amenable to preventive interventions: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, and cervical cancer. Another disparity in preventive services is the significantly lower rates of adult immunizations among non-Hispanic Blacks and Hispanics.

This is your preliminary work- you will develop these ideas further in week 4’s submission- here I will comment and approve the topic. Description of health problem at global, national, and local levels:
Throughout this course, you will write a scholarly PowerPoint Presentation: “Health Promotion Program Proposal,”
addressing existing knowledge related to health promotion.
Write an essay describing the health problem selected in week 1. This would be the same health problem you will use for future assignments. For this activity:
Create a presentation page including the name, class name, and paper’s title. Organize the paper continuously, as follows:
Introduce the problem with a concise overview of its health impact. This will be your introductory paragraph, but you won’t type “introduction” (1 paragraph).
Describe the global relevance of the problem including statistics (1-2 paragraphs).
Describe the national relevance of the problem using statistics (1-2 paragraphs).
Describe the local relevance and perspective of the problem also using statistics (1-2 paragraphs).
Conclude the idea justifying the development of promotion strategies at different levels. This is your final paragraph and conclusion, however you won’t type “conclusion” (1 paragraph).

Write the essay following the rules of formal writing and APA 7th edition.
One paragraph contains at least three complete sentences. Headings (levels 1, 2, and 3 may be used as required).

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