Develop a poster using a Monash PowerPoint poster template and the Hierarchy Smart Art or table functions.


Students are required to prepare a PowerPoint poster, using the Monash template, on a leadership and management topic (chosen by Unit Coordinator) and provide a written justification of how the topic applies to leadership and management governance in the healthcare setting.
Word Limit: Poster 750 words equivalence; written justification 1000 words
Details of task:
Our healthcare settings are complex organisations with nurses/Midwives forming a large part of a broader multidisciplinary workforce. Understanding your organisation and its structure is an important aspect of managing and leading in the workplace, as the structure makes explicit where responsibilities are assigned, how work is organised and how decision-making operates. We can all agree that, in health care, corporate and clinical governance should, at its core, be responsive to the requirement for safe patient centred care.
For this assessment, you will need to have an understanding and application of the ACSCQHC National Model Clinical Governance Framework and the NSQHS Standards
There are two (2) parts to this assessment:
Part 1: Develop a poster using a Monash PowerPoint poster template and the Hierarchy Smart Art or table functions to draw the corporate, clinical and nursing structure of your organisation.
Part 2: Provide a written justification for your poster

Part 1 – Poster

Develop a poster using a Monash PowerPoint poster template and the Hierarchy Smart Art or table functions. In your poster clearly show the lines of authority and communication:
For Domestic students employed in a health service:
Corporate governance and the broad areas of responsibility of the CEO and managers of a healthcare organisation, that fall under the requirements of effective corporate governance.
Clinical governance and its key components.

Identify to whom the most senior nurse/midwife manager reports in your organisation.
Include the committees within the nursing/midwifery structure (e.g. those that sit within the NSQHS Standards) and label these in a way that makes their role clear.
Diagrammatically identify the relationship between corporate and clinical governance. Where does nursing/midwifery fit in this?
Part 2 – Justification
Write a justification of your poster in 1,000 words
Within your organisation, analyse how corporate and clinical governance are interrelated.

In your response consider:
the linkage between the responsibilities of the CEO and that of the nursing and midwifery managers of your healthcare organisation what might effective corporate and clinical governance look like, is this in evidence in your organisation

PowerPoint resources and requirements:
The Monash Poster Template is required.
a. Navigate to ‘Assessment Task 1’ on Moodle under the Assessment tab to obtain the Monash Poster Template.
b. You can choose either the portrait or landscape orientation for the poster.
c. Use a single PowerPoint slide to present your work.
Refer to the ‘Resource: characteristics of an effective poster’ also available under ‘Assessment Task 1’ for guidance on how to develop a well formatted and clear presentation.

If you are new to using PowerPoint there are useful guides you can search for on YouTube.
Choose a title for your poster.

Justification paper presentation requirements:
Pages numbered in the bottom right corner.
Student ID number in the footer of each page.
Written assessments submitted in WORD.
Use headings as part of the paper (e.g. Introduction, Body and Conclusion)
Referenced using APA 7th.
Size 11- or 12-point font should be used.
Font style either Calibri or Arial.
Formatted using 1.5 line spacing.
Avoid use of dot/bullet points.
Limit the number of quotations you use from the literature.

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