Deviance in Popular Culture Paper

Deviance is oftentimes celebrated in popular culture. Your favorite characters are fantastic examples of deviance, both legal and illegal. Delve into your favorite characters by labelling their deviance and explaining the deviant act(s) using your Sociological knowledge!

Directions: You will pick 4 different characters from any MOVIE, label the deviance demonstrated by the character, and explain how that character is deviant and why you labelled that character with the specific deviance theory. You CANNOT use repeat characters from remakes or live action movies.

Possible Deviant Theories: Strain Theory, Labeling Theory, Primary Deviance, Secondary Deviance, Differential Association, Strain Theory (Conformity, Innovation, Ritualism, Retreatism and Rebellion).

You will write a mini-paper, approximately 1/2 – 1 page in length, one EACH of the four characters you chose. Each character analysis should include the following clearly labeled sections: > Character name with description. You may include a picture if you would like. > The deviance theory you associated with that character. > Why is the character considered deviant?

We will use the example of Flynn Rider as an example. Flynn Rider steals items, specifically the crown, to gain money. He also cons others and lies to obtain his goal of ultimate riches. > Why did you pick that specific theory? Using the example of Flynn Rider again, Flynn Rider is an example of Secondary Deviance / Innovation. He conforms to his label of thief and con artist. He likes to see his wanted posters and he renames himself to represent his ultimate goal.

FORMAT Your paper must be typed, double spaced, one inch margins, with 12 point Times New Roman font. The paper must be uploaded in Canvas as a .doc, .docx, .txt, or .pdf file. Word (.doc or .docx) is the preferred format; but, I will accept a text document (.txt) or and Adobe document (.pdf).
Each of the four sections of your paper should be around 1 page. So the total paper will be approximately 4 pages long.

It is absolutely CRITICAL that you cite all sources you used to develop your understanding of the sociological theories you used. In the academic world, we do not simply grab information out of thin air. We research and learn from the experts!

For more on how to properly cite a resource, take a look at this website. to an external site. reference-guide.pdf

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