Discuss a persuasive conversation as a new form of communication in homo sapiens.

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There is a fine line when it comes to being persuasive and too pushy. Everyone has either had or heard of an experience of a car salesman. It is a joke about how someone can be so pushy and forceful. Car salesmen now have a bad reputation because of this. However, not all car salesmen have this tendency but because the majority of them are like this people now assume they will be. This can be the same for your in business situation if you do not learn how to communicate persuasively without being pushy and forceful.
Once you have a pushy and forceful reputation people will be stand-offish towards you or avoid your business all together (Ferretti et al., 2021). Reputation and how you treat cliental is everything for business relations. People will discuss their interactions with and this can either greatly benefit you or harm you (Ferretti et al., 2021).
The first thing you need to do before having a persuasive argument is to really know your audience (Lehman et al., 2024). When trying to be persuasive you need to think of things from the receivers point of view (Lehman et al., 2024). You need to present your idea from the perspective that you are doing something to benefit their needs. People want to feel respected and heard (Ferretti et al., 2021). You cross the line of being too pushy when you start to demand ideas rather then offer them with a humble town. When the receiver gives any push back you cannot just argue to try and prove your point this is pushiness. A good way to persuade them to changing their mind is to usually answer their questions with questions of your own that cause them to really think.
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