Discuss a possible disagreement from a stakeholder and provide a robust argument for the claim.

Topic is regarding obesity in children. Op-Ed example from my instructor is attached. Below is the instructions provided to me.

An op-ed article is an ‘opinion’ published to create thought, reflection, and discussion among readers. Op-eds are typically written by a person with qualifications to have an opinion about the subject matter. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate political competence by educating the public about an issue the student feels passionate about, influencing public opinion, and offering policy solutions that increase quality, reduce health care cost, and expand access. Although typically submitted for publication, the student will not be required to submit their op-ed. However, it is hopeful that the student will gain insight into the importance of patient advocacy through this method after completing the assignment.
1. State your qualifications, credentials, expertise.
2. Scope of the problem
1. How does the problem impact the public/population of a community? Use data to support your claim.
2. Include a personalized story or experience, if applicable.
3. Discuss a possible disagreement from a stakeholder and provide a robust argument for the claim.
4. Discuss any possible ethical dilemmas.
3. Policy-based solutions
1. Include evidence on why this policy solution is helpful.
2. What sphere of government would be involved and what actions need to be taken?
3. Offer policy solutions to solve the problem.
4. Describe what the readers/public can do to solve the problem.

5. Predict what may happen if the problem is not fixed.
There is no need for an introduction or conclusion, but the student must include a reference page.
An example/template is provided, but please be sure to cover all bullet points in the requirements to receive full credit. The student is not required to use this template. Remember, this is something that would typically be published, so the student may want to keep it simple yet effective. There is a 2-page limit for content (not including references).

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