Discuss a story about my mother and her battle with Crohns as a black woman.

Statement of goals, one-to-three pages in length, which addresses:
Interest in the program
Preparedness for the program
Goals and aspirations

Interest stemmed from: Discuss a story about my mother and her battle with Crohns as a black woman. I want to study epidemiology to understand and prevent illness within the POC community. I want to understand why this and other widespread common diseases exist within these populations and hows we can alleviate and prevent these diseases from becoming so widepsread.
Preparedness: I currently have a bachelors in Human biology with a focus on how social factors have an impact on humans and human health. My coursework includes biology, anthropology, nutrition, statistics, and a human Biology capstone with my capstone project focusing on heart disease and obesity in underdeserved neighborhoods in nyc due to lack of healthy food options which further piqued my interest in studying epidemiology.
Upon completion of the MPH Epidemiology program, Id like to be apart of a nonprofit or goverment agency such as the CDC., Whether working in a governmental health agency, a research institution, or a non-profit organization, I am prepared to investigate disease outbreaks, analyze epidemiological data, and develop evidence-based strategies for disease prevention and control. With a solid foundation in epidemiological methods, infectious disease surveillance, and public health policy, I am equipped to contribute to efforts aimed at reducing the burden of infectious diseases on undeserved communities and improving population health outcomes. Express my interest in working on.
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