Discuss Characteristics of Oral Presentations.

Due Thursday
Visuals aids can be an effective way to emphasize a point during a speech. For example, it might be difficult to persuade your audience they should care about recycling unless you show them the impacts on the environment. Think about persuasive speeches you have experienced. How did the speaker incorporate the use of visual aids? What made their method effective or ineffective?

Visual aids include items like poster boards, videos, and Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations. When you plan a presentation, you want to select the best visual aid for the type of presentation and audience, and it’s important to choose a visual aid that will enhance rather than distract from your oral presentation.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
What is a specific example of a great use of a visual aid in an oral presentation? What made the chosen visual aid effective?
What have you learned this week about what makes any visual aid effective?

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