Discuss how this semester’s patient care experience will influence your future professional practice.

Final Clinical Reflection Congratulations! You have made it to the end of your experiential learning experiences in this course. This Final Clinical Reflection assignment is your opportunity to reflect on your learning during these on-ground activities. Reflection-on-action is a component of critical thinking as described by Tanner’s Model of Clinical Judgment. “Reflection-on-action is critical for development of knowledge and improvement in reasoning. It is how learning from practice is incorporated into personal experience for consideration in future patient care situations” (Giddens, 2021, p. 375). In this assignment you will think back to and reflect on the experiences you had while providing direct focused care to your clients. Instructions:

Within two (2) pages, write a personal reflection about your clinical experiences during the DFC in this course.Discuss the following:Professional CompetenceDiscuss what went well during clinical this semester.Identify what could be improved upon. Include explanations and a measurable plan for improvement.Identify and describe at least one new technique you observed and/or learned during this semester’s DFC experience.Challenging SituationsDescribe challenges within the DFCs. Include reason(s) for the challenge, potential underlying cause(s), and develop a plan to prevent a similar situation from happening in future DFC experiences.Personal and Professional GrowthDiscuss how this semester’s patient care experience will influence your future professional practice.This is a journal-type entry where writing mechanics will be evaluated.Formatting, grammar, references, and assignment length requirements are outlined in the grading rubric.

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