Discuss Nursing Informatics in Health Care.

The chief nursing officer (CNO) and human resources (HR) manager have asked you to include the headings below in your proposal and to be sure to address the bullets following each heading. Remember that you will emphasize the focus of the new nurse informaticist position as described in the Assessment 01 Supplement: Nursing Informatics in Health Care [PDF] Download Assessment 01 Supplement: Nursing Informatics in Health Care [PDF]resource.

Nursing Informatics and the Nurse Informaticist
What is nursing informatics?
What is the role of the nurse informaticist?
Nurse Informaticists and Other Health Care Organizations
What is the experience of other health care organizations with nurse informaticists?
How do these nurse informaticists interact with the rest of the nursing staff and the interdisciplinary team?
Impact of Full Nurse Engagement in Health Care Technology

How does fully engaging nurses in health care technology impact:
Patient care?
Protected health information (security, privacy, and confidentiality)?
In this section, you will explain evidence-based strategies that the nurse informaticist and interdisciplinary team can use to effectively manage patients’ protected health information, particularly privacy, security, and confidentiality. Evidence-based means that they are supported by evidence from scholarly sources.
Costs and return on investment?

Opportunities and Challenges
What are the opportunities and challenges for nurses and the interdisciplinary team with the addition of a nurse informaticist role?
How can the interdisciplinary team collaborate to improve quality care outcomes through technology?
Summary of Recommendations
What are 3–4 key takeaways from your proposal about the recommended nurse informaticist role that you want the CNO and the HR manager to remember?
This is the section where the justification for the implementation of the nursing informaticist role is addressed. Remember to include evidence from the literature to support your recommendation.

Written communication: Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

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