Discuss one tradition or social ill that we “blindly perpetuate.”

In the short story, “The Lottery,” we see a town come together in an annual ritual of choosing and stoning one of their own, a scapegoat, Tess Hutchinson. Their actions are tied to an outdated belief stated by Mr. Warner, “lottery in June, corn be heavy soon.” Everyone in town participates. No one feels guilty, not even Tess’ kids. Someone even give little Davy some pebbles.

Author Lenemaja Friedman writes “The Lottery may be symbolic of any number of social ills that mankind blindly perpetuates.”

Think of and discuss one tradition or social ill that we “blindly perpetuate.” (It can be anything from exploitative television – The Bachelor? to traditional gender roles, to holidays, to wars, or something that occurs to you. These are just some that popped into my mind.)

Describe a tradition that you think we should reevaluate. What are its origins? (Find out if you don’t know. Tell where you found the information.)What purpose was it supposed to serve? What has it morphed into? Why is it, perhaps, no longer useful? (Write 250 – 350 words) Comment on the post of one of your classmates. The same point system as always applies.

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