Discuss potential ethical concerns related to your chosen research method.

Research Question: Formulate a research question related to the social world or human behavior. Consider what intrigues you or a phenomenon you wish to explore.
Literature Review: Conduct a literature review on your chosen research topic. Find and summarize at least three relevant research studies or sources that provide insights into your research question.
Hypothesis Formation: Based on your literature review, develop a clear hypothesis related to your research question. Ensure your hypothesis is specific and includes operational definitions where necessary.
Research Method Selection: Explain whether this is a quantitative or qualitative study. Choose one or more research method/s (from ethnography, interviews, surveys, questionnaires, or experiments) that you believe would be most suitable to investigate your research question. Justify your choice by explaining why this method aligns with your research aims and the type of data you aim to collect.

Ethical Considerations: Discuss potential ethical concerns related to your chosen research method. How will you ensure confidentiality or anonymity, protect participants from harm, and maintain impartiality during your research?
Research Design: Outline the steps you would take to conduct your chosen research method. Include details about participant selection, data collection, and data analysis.
Presentation Format: Prepare a written report detailing your mock research project. Include a title, introduction, literature review summary, hypothesis, chosen research method, ethical considerations, and research design.

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