Discuss potential genetic and environmental factors that may affect body weight.

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Prompt Choices: Choose two to discuss.

Review the following Nurse Lori Video: Nursing & Nutrition: Energy Balance and Weight Management. Provide a thorough overview of how you envision implementing what you are learning this week into your future career as a healthcare professional.
Discuss the relationship between body weight and health. Be sure to touch on BMI, body composition, and environmental and lifestyle factors. (USLO 9.1)
Explain the principle of energy balance and the components of energy expenditure (BMR, NEAT, TEF, EER). (USLO 9.2)
Discuss potential genetic and environmental factors that may affect body weight. (USLO 9.3)
Discuss diets, medications, and surgeries for weight loss. Be sure to incorporate the weight loss decision tree, and guidelines. (USLO 9.4)
Pick out 3 of the following eating disorders and outline them (USLO 9.5):
Anorexia athletica
Anorexia nervosa
Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder
Bing-eating disorder
Bulimia nervosa
Female athlete triad
Muscle dysmorphia
Night-eating syndrome
Rumination disorder
Selective eating disorder
Describe how food and physical activity interact to promote health and manage body weight. Be sure to discuss the ABC’s of behavior modification. (USLO 9.6)

Outline the relationship between nutrients and fueling physical activity and optimizing performance. (USLO 9.7)
Discuss the use of ergogenic aids. (USLO 9.8)

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