Discuss The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis.

You are writing an overview of The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis. I have written a rough draft for this
already and have attached the document file. Make the corrections advised on the paper, including
some additional information, and use this paper. This overview strictly only involves an explanation of
the author’s point of view, indicating specifically whether you think the book was written from a biased viewpoint or was simply reporting historical facts and events. Further, in this paper, you need to
choose an agency and discuss something important that the agency does for the United States and
its citizens. Note that you must not choose an agency that Lewis has already discussed in depth.
Agenices often comprise a collection of sub-agenices; you may find that the focus and structure of
Your discussion is more manageable if you choose just one sub-agency, which is fine. You should
choose an agency that’s interesting for you to explore and write about and that may be an agency
that you’ve never heard of.
– This might be a helpful site to choose from. https://www.usa.gov/about-the-us
The research for your discussion of this issue should go beyond the agency’s website, although this
is obviously a good starting point. Your reference list will need to include The Fifth Risk and the
agency’s website. Make sure to tie The Fifth Risk to the agency in the conclusion.

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