Discuss the impacts of Mental health in sport.

Part 1 assesses your understanding of mental health and wellbeing from Study Topic 4 and the two options from Study Topic 5 that you chose to study (Resilience in sport/Thriving in sport/Athlete welfare). Part 2 continues the research methods theme from the previous TMAs and asks you to evaluate focus groups as a research instrument.

Part 1
(2000 words, 75 marks)

Mental health and wellbeing at Boxton Gymnastics Club (initial committee report).

Lucy, an experienced and well-qualified gymnastics coach, has been working at Boxton Gymnastics Club for five years, coaching both youth and adult female gymnasts who compete at regional level. The club is targeted towards developing talented gymnasts to compete at the highest level possible and is based at an indoor facility. She has recently been appointed as the club’s Wellbeing Champion to work alongside the Safeguarding Lead, both of which are paid part-time roles at the club. Her remit is to facilitate the provision of proactive wellbeing support for all staff (including coaches) and gymnasts at the club.

Lucy has been trying to get the committee to take issues of mental health and wellbeing more seriously than they currently do. Although they seem interested in the subject, they admit to having little knowledge of the issues – or what the club should be doing to support wellbeing. Lucy wants to provide a report to the committee and has asked you to write it as she knows you have recently been studying this topic.

The report should be split into the following sections. Refer to the Guidance section for more detail on what to cover and how a report differs in style to an essay.

Section 1: Why are mental health and wellbeing considerations important for the club? (approx. 500 words)

In this section, you should explain why it is important for the club to consider the mental health and wellbeing of their gymnasts and coaches.

Section 2: Recommendations for working practice at Boxton Gymnastics Club (approx. 300 words)

You should make THREE evidence-based recommendations to enable the club to create a culture that emphasises mental health and wellbeing alongside performance for athletes and coaches. These should be drawn directly from your learning from Study Topic 4 AND the topics in the two options you selected in Study Topic 5 (resilience, thriving and/or athlete welfare).

Section 3: Justification of recommendations related to mental health and wellbeing (1200 words)

In this section, you should provide a justification, based on relevant theory and research, for each of the three recommendations for Boxton Gymnastics Club you have provided in Section 2.

Part 2
(750 words, 25 marks)

Boxton Gymnastics Club decide to implement Lucy’s recommendations from the report. A year has passed, and Lucy considers running some focus groups with the club’s coaches and gymnasts to see what has changed. Write a short critical evaluation of the use of focus groups as a research instrument in the investigation of mental health and wellbeing, and related topics (resilience, thriving, athlete welfare) in a setting such as Boxton Gymnastics Club.

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