Discuss the implications of the socio-ethnic, religious, and racial aspects of the community on delivery of service.

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Assignment II – Due 8th class session – The Engagement Process within the context the Agency
1) This assignment addresses competencies #1 and #2.
Agencies provide services within communities. It is essential for social workers to have an understanding of the agencies in which they work and the communities they serve. This assignment requires you to become familiar with the organization, the services you can provide for your clients and the parameters that guide your engagement and eventual interventions with your clients.
A brief history of the agency/organization, Is it for profit? Not-for profit? Where does the primary funding come from? Please include any other disciplines operating in the agency.
What is the agency/organization’s mission statement?
How is this carried out through the services the agency provides? Give an idea of the breadth of services provided and how they are delivered (individual, group, advocacy, etc.). Has the mission statement changed over time? Why? If so, how has this affected the delivery of service?
Are there tangible examples of diversity within the staff and the clients they serve?
B. Community:
What type of community does the agency serve? Is there a geographic area the agency serves or is the clientele more issue based?
What are the demographics of the community?
Discuss the implications of the socio-ethnic, religious, and racial aspects of the community on delivery of service.
Provide your assessment of community strengths and resources
How will the knowledge you have gained about your agency/organization and the community it serves help you in your practice? Based on what you have learned about the agency and its mandate, how do you see the role of the social worker in the agency?
C. Client:
What is the process the client goes through from initial referral and intake to receiving services?
Provide a description of a client (individual, group, or community) with whom you are now engaged.
Describe in detail your experience engaging with this client system.
What are the differences and similarities between you and the client system (racial, age, ethnic, socioeconomic, religion, etc.) and discuss how these areas impact the engagement process?
How do biases (conscious or unconscious) impact the assumptions and expectations you have about your client?
Using social work terminology please describe the skills that you are using to engage with this client. Please add some material from a process recording that reflects the early stage of engagement with this client/client system and you use of social work skills.
Describe the strengths and challenges of the client.

What social work literature has informed your approach to engaging with this client/client system? What specific readings/text material guided you?
D. Personal Reflection
Speak to the experience of opening-up and being vulnerable with your field instructor and what it has been like to receive critique, feedback, and guidance in this process
What has it been like to get to know yourself in the process of becoming a social worker? What have you learned about yourself? About the conscious use of self?
How does the experience you are having in supervision connect to your developing relationship with your clients?
The recommended length for this paper is approximately 10 pages, with 5 peer-reviewed references beyond your required texts. APA 7 style, please proofread your papers. Late assignments will have points deducted at 1 per day, the total points for this assignment is 30.

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