ASK SUPPORT FOR LOGIN4. You be asked for a code select (TEXT). I will provide the code5. Look for: DDHA-8203 Module 2 Assignment Volume-To -Value Base Healthcare delivery.6. Please, Please Read and for all of the instructions in the RESOURCES. Also please do not change the topic name.Thank you. Instructions: Transitioning from volume-based to value-based healthcare delivery impacts multiple aspects of an organization. Healthcare administrators need to shift the way they approach scheduling, workflows, financial management, practice optimization, compliance, and credentialing. On top of that, changing models requires a shift in organizational culture, and this is no small feat. Being successful in this transition starts and ends with leadership. Leaders must ensure that the transition puts the least amount of strain on the organization and the staff and understand the needs of the population to develop appropriate payment models. TO PREPARE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT:Consider the implications of this transition on various operations within an organization.

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