Discuss which leadership style and culture would be ideal for enhancing the performance of classmates within the context of a university group project.

Reflecting on your experience working with classmates on your group project, choose a leadership style that you believe would optimize group effectiveness. Provide a thorough evaluation of the selected leadership style, drawing on relevant theories and research. Additionally, discuss how organisational culture concepts can be applied to enhance group dynamics and overall performance.

•Support your arguments with references, and critically analyse the potential challenges and benefits associated with your chosen leadership style and organizational culture integration within the group project context

Length 1500 word essay
At lest 7 references , so 2 I gave you and the rest you have to get it from Google scholar.

Anderson, M. H., & Sun, P. Y. (2017). Reviewing leadership styles: Overlaps and the need for a new ‘full‐range’ theory. International Journal of Management Reviews, 19(1), 76-96.

•Anderson, H. J., Baur, J. E., Griffith, J. A., & Buckley, M. R. (2017). What works for you may not work for (Gen) Me: Limitations of present leadership theories for the new generation. The Leadership Quarterly, 28(1), 245-260.
You will need to include both of these sources in your writing. You will also need additional references

Formal, APA style

Don’t make it hard language, do it simple sentences not strong as I’m a foundation student

Please no shortcut words, like isn’t…. etc
Down is the marking criteria

And I need a turnitin report.

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