Do you think it is an important project? Does it have social/cultural/personal value, etc.?

You are in charge of the new Spanish section of the university newspaper The Impact. This week your report is about the award-winning podcast (and adopted in recent years by NPR—National Public Radio!) Radio Ambulante. Research Radio Ambulante—its history, its mission, and what the project consists of—and write a brief summary.

Radio Ambulante link:

Then, listen to a 20-25 minute episode of your choice. Summarize the episode and provide commentary. Would you recommend the podcast to The Impact readers? Explain why by basing your opinion on the information about Radio Ambulante and the formal aspects of the episode.

Questions to consider (OPTIONAL):
Do you think it is an important project? Does it have social/cultural/personal value, etc.?
Does it offer quality reporting? Who are the announcers?
What topics are the episodes about?
Does it have good sound quality?
How do you approach the topic? Does it represent nations, communities or individuals?
Does it keep the listener’s interest? How do you achieve this?
Do you have a quality internet platform? Do you offer visual resources as well? They are useful?

I recommend reading the transcript (in Spanish) while listening.

Recommended episodes:
If you are interested in the topic of citizenship and the Dominican Republic, I recommend this episode on Haitian-Dominican relations. It is a political situation that is also relevant today in the United States with the politics of immigration, deportation and the DACA program.

If you are interested in the problem of immigration and deportation in the United States and the impact it has on families, I recommend this episode.

This episode is about the punk movement in Cuba in the 90s and the AIDS sanatoriums. It is a very strong but fascinating episode with excellent production together with Radiolab.

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