Dynamic Data Visualization Dashboard.

Coding Challenge: Dynamic Data Visualization Dashboard
Objective: Create a dynamic data visualization dashboard using D3.js that displays stock values from a CSV file. The dashboard should include interactive elements to highlight specific data points and allow users to gain insights into stock performance over time.
Data Processing:
Parse the provided CSV file (mock_stock_data.csv Download mock_stock_data.csv) to extract stock values. The CSV contains stock names, dates, and their corresponding values.
Implement functionality to filter data based on user-selected criteria (e.g., stock name, date range).
Utilize D3.js to create a visualization that effectively represents the stock data. This could be in the form of a line chart, bar chart, or any other appropriate visualization type.
Ensure the visualization is responsive and fits within the dimensions specified in the index.html file (600×600 SVG element).
Implement interactivity such that hovering over a data point displays a tooltip with detailed information (e.g., stock name, value, date).
Include interactive elements to allow users to filter the visualization based on stock names or date ranges.
Use the provided style.css file to style the webpage and the visualization. Enhance the visual design with additional CSS as needed.
Ensure the webpage is visually appealing and the information is easy to read.
Integrate your JavaScript code with the provided index.html file. Your script should be linked as indicated and should run correctly when the page loads.
Make sure your application adheres to modern web development standards, including accessibility and cross-browser compatibility.
A modified index.html file with your D3.js visualization integrated.
An updated JavaScript file (example.js or a new file) containing your data processing, visualization, and interactivity code.
An enhanced CSS file (style.css) with additional styling for your dashboard.
Evaluation Criteria:
Correctness and efficiency of data processing and visualization.
Creativity and usability of the interactive elements.
Aesthetic appeal and responsiveness of the webpage design.
Code organization, readability, and documentation.

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