E-health and Consumer Health Informatics.

Topic: E-health
and Consumer Health Informatics
You can focus on
issues pertaining to consumer health informatics, e.g. accessibility, digital
divide, health literacy, lack of regulation of health apps, privacy/security
issues, etc.

Students will complete and submit a term paper on the
selected topic. The recommended length for the final paper is 10 pages
(not including references), double-spaced, 10-point font. Students
must use the APA format to cite each source. A framework for
completing the final paper is provided as follows:

Introduction/Background: Identify the problem, its history and discuss why
it is important and worth investigating. Identify and briefly describe
the stakeholders.
State of Current Evidence: Conduct a literature review of the selected
problem/issue and how other health organizations have been impacted and
resolved it in the past.
Summary: Summarize your findings and provide your own
synthesis of the evidence gleaned from the literature review. Describe
the recommended solutions and/or best practices to resolve the selected
Conclusion: Discuss the implications of your findings and their

The purpose of the final paper is to perform a
literature review of the existing evidence on approaches to the selected
social or organizational issue in health care, synthesize the current
evidence, and finally, apply the concepts, tools and strategies introduced
in the course to provide your analysis and proposed solutions, or best

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