Ethical and Policy Factors in Care Coordination Professional Context.

Your nurse manager at the community care center is well-connected and frequently speaks to a variety of community organizations and groups. She has noticed the good work you are doing in your new care coordination role and respects your speaking and presentation skills. Consequently, she thought that an opportunity to speak publicly about contemporary issues in care coordination would be beneficial for your career and has suggested reaching out to a community organization or support group to gauge their interest in hearing from you, as a care center representative, on a topic of interest to both you and your prospective audience.

You have agreed that this is a good idea and have decided to research a community organization or support group that might be interested in learning about ethical and policy issues related to the coordination of care. Your manager has suggested the following community organizations and support groups, but acknowledges that the choice is yours.

Homeless shelters.
Local religious groups.
Nursing homes.
Local community organizations (Rotary Club or Kiwanis Club).
Complete the following:

Choose the community organization or support group that you plan to address.
Develop a PowerPoint presentation and record a presentation, with typed speaker notes (the scriipt for your voice recording) and audio voice-over recording, intended for that audience. Video is not required.
Note: For this assignment, develop your presentation slides and audio scriipt, then record your presentation.

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