Evaluate the impact of popular music on social dynamics, identity formation, and artistic expression in the UK.

Coursework 3:This is the final piece of your coursework portfolio for Academic English Skills. Write your research–based essay in 1500 words. Make sure that you adhere to the word limits; submissions of under 1200 words will not be accepted, and any work above 1650 words will not be marked. You should include:a. a cover sheet including your essay title, class code, candidate number and word count (excluding your reference list). b. For PMP students: a minimum of eight sources in your essay, with at least one source published within the past 12 months. These should be the sources which you found for your CW 1 assessment, included in your outline and presented in CW 2. (USE SIGNPOSTING LANGUAGE and there should beSYNCHRONISATION OF REFERENCES in the ESSAY) c. A reference list of the sources you have included in your essay. Do not include sources you have read, but not cited in your work.

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