Explain and evaluate both sides of a debate or argument using a PowerPoint medium.

For this assignment, you will create a slide presentation. Using the Learning Resource Center, Concorde’s resource library- https://www.galepages.com/miss22358, and other academically appropriate sources, evaluating an argument and/or debate using a PowerPoint presentation.
Note: These presentations use fewer words than a paper, but they include visual aids and even voiceovers (if you chose).
Evaluate both sides of a debate or argument using a PowerPoint medium.
Think about an issue that has two sides (“arguments”). This can be anything from a somber subject like the death penalty, to something more placid such as whether or not dogs should be allowed on beaches during the Summer; as long as it is an issue with two sides that can be debated, it can be used as the foundation for this task.
Create a seven to ten slide presentation where you:

Start with a Title page
Introduce your topic
Address BOTH sides of the issue
State the pros and cons of each stance
Include citations
Include a reference list on the final slide
Include visuals that pair well with the content
This presentation should be engaging and informative…have fun with it!
Remember that Power Point is available, for free, through your office 365 Account.
Assignment Submission:
The use of outside resources is strongly recommended, and all papers must be cited and written in current APA format.
When you have completed the assignment, select the “Submit Assignment” button at the top of these instructions and choose a format for submitting your assignment.

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