Explain criteria that should be considered when determining credibility of resources such as journal articles and websites.

For this assessment, use the specific diagnosis/health issue you selected for the first assessment. The first assignment you guys make order676393 plss use the same diagnosis / health issue on this assessment .The purpose of this analysis is to better understand what constitutes credibility of journal articles as well as websites. The role of the baccalaureate-prepared nurse in incorporating evidence-based research continues to growth in clinical practice. As quality improvement (QI) measures to reduce safety risks continue to be emphasized, the need for evidence-based models and evidence-based templates is growing. This type of systematic approach to incorporating evidence-based findings allows nurses to make clinical and operational decisions based upon the best available evidence. When the most up-to-date evidence-based findings are utilized, patient-centered care improves outcomes and enhances the patient experience.

Below is a quick review table of several well-known Evidence-Based Practice Models used to guide exploration: Evidence-Based Practice Models Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice Stetler Model Ottawa Model PARiHS (Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services) Model ACE (Academic Center for Evidence-Based Practice) Star Model ARCC (Advancing Research and Clinical Practice Through Close Collaboration) Mode John Hopkins Model KTA (Knowledge-to-Action) Model For this assessment: Explain the criteria that should be used when determining the credibility of journal articles as well as websites. Support your explanations with references to the literature or research articles that describe criteria that should be used to determine credibility. Your identification and determination of credibility should be done within the context of your chosen diagnosis for this assessment. Your initial identification of resources should be of resources that will best help address the presented diagnosis you selected. Since you are locating resources to help provide evidence-based care for the diagnosis/health care issue you identified in the first assessment, you may want to begin your literature and evidence search from the databases that were identified. Be sure to address the following in this assessment, which correspond to the grading criteria in the scoring guide. Please study the scoring guide carefully so that you will know what is needed for a distinguished score. Describe a chosen diagnosis that could benefit from an evidence-based approach. Explain criteria that should be considered when determining credibility of resources such as journal articles and websites. Analyze the credibility and relevance of evidence and resources within the context of a chosen diagnosis. This is where you are selecting the specific resources to help address the diagnosis you selected for the first assessment. Identify the Evidence-Based Practice model and explain the importance of incorporating credible evidence into the EBP model used to address a chosen diagnosis. Review the literature below and choose the appropriate model for your diagnosis.plsss make sure read this to make

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