Explain how this article (source) is clinically relevant.

1. Create an APA bibliographic entry. The reference is listed ahead of the summary paragraphs.

2. The annotation consists of two paragraphs using the following parameters: a summary paragraph and an analysis paragraph. This assignment should not exceed one double spaced page.

Paragraph 1 (Summary):
Briefly summarize the article using complete sentences. The following questions will guide you as you write your summary:

What is the article about?

What kind of study/review was done (i.e., RCT, descriptive, case study, or Systematic Review of similarly designed studies, etc.)?
Does the author introduce the problem statement? (briefly state)
How and to whom (i.e. population of interest) was the study done?
What main findings are clinically relevant?
Paragraph 2 (Analysis): Explain how this article (source) is clinically relevant to the problem question:

What are the best practices for the population studied?

Explain how this article (source) is clinically relevant. How does this article add to the evidence to inform you on personal protection safety practices and/or your problem statement?

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