Explain the significance of the chosen topic within the broader field of psychology.

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a concise literature review on the topic you chose to research this term. This literature review should provide an overview of existing research, identify key themes, and highlight gaps or debates in the current literature.

Assignment Components:

*Title Page (Not Counted in Page Total)*
Include a title that clearly reflects the scope and focus of your literature review.
Your name, course title, instructor’s name, and submission date should be clearly presented.

*Introduction (Approximately 1/2 page)*
Provide a brief introduction that outlines the purpose of your literature review.
Clearly state the research question or objective guiding your review.
Explain the significance of the chosen topic within the broader field of psychology.

* Literature Review (Approximately 1.5 to 2 pages)*
Organize the literature review by identifying key themes, concepts, or debates relevant to your research question.
Summarize and synthesize the findings from at least five scholarly sources.
Highlight the major methodologies, theories, or models employed in the reviewed studies.
Identify any trends, patterns, or gaps in the literature.
Clearly connect each source to the broader context of your research question.

*Conclusion (Approximately 1/2 page)*
Summarize the main findings and themes that emerged from the literature review.
Discuss any unresolved issues, debates, or gaps in the current research.
Highlight the importance of your topic and suggest potential directions for future research.
*References (Not Counted in Page Total)*
Provide a complete reference list for all the sources cited in your literature review, following APA guidelines (7th edition).

Formatting Guidelines:
Use 12-point Times New Roman font and double-spacing throughout.
Include page numbers in the top right corner.
Follow APA guidelines for citations, headings, and overall formatting.

Grading Criteria:
Your literature review will be assessed based on the following criteria:
Clarity of the research question or objective.
Quality and relevance of the literature selected.
Organization and coherence of the literature review. Critical synthesis of information from different sources.
Adherence to APA style guidelines.

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