How is the historical site relevant to American history from 1500-1865?

HIUS 221
Museum or National Park Visit: Paper Assignment Overview
Reflecting on historical experiences can lead to a change in perspective and provide a deeper understanding of past events. This assignment will give you the opportunity to share the experience of the museum/national park tour (or virtual tour) you took based on the Museum or National Park Visit: Proposal Assignment. In this written overview, you will contemplate the historical importance of the site you selected and highlight the aspects of the tour that impacted you most.
Write a 600-700-word overview of your historical tour answering each of the following prompts:
1. How is the historical site relevant to American history from 1500-1865?
2. What historical event or events were covered in your tour?
3. What artifacts and/or displayed items were most interesting to you? Why?
4. What stood out about this location? Why?
5. How did the tour help you appreciate history?
Additional Requirements:
• A title page is required.
• Page numbers are required.
• Double-spaced with 1-inch margins, typed using 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and proofread carefully.
• Save your paper as a Microsoft Word document and upload it through the appropriate submission site.
You should follow the Museum or National Park Visit: Paper Example provided to format your paper. You may use first-person for this paper. No citations are necessary unless direct quotations are included. In such case, citations for your sources are required and an alphabetized bibliography is required. For help with formatting citations, click on “Writing Style Guides” located on the main menu of our Canvas course. This will take you to the Online Writing Center where you can reference the style guide for your specific discipline.

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