How might a different population yield similar or conflicting results?

Have you ever watched a commercial that touts “four out of five doctors recommend a particular product”? Have you ever wondered how the company is able to make such claims? These types of claims are created using the research method of sampling. Sampling, “involves selecting a group of people, events, behaviors, or other elements with which to conduct a study” (Gray & Grove, 2020).

There are different sampling methods and techniques, with ranging validity outcomes. Therefore, it is important to determine the technique that is most valid. Much of the outcome will be dependent on the particular group sampled (or the population), so a sampling plan will be integral before sampling occurs.

For this Discussion, reflect on the population in your area of practice. Consider the most appropriate use for this population and potential challenges that may affect sampling in this population. Then, think about how you might address these challenges and what strategies you might implement. How might a different population yield similar or conflicting results?

Post an explanation of the researchable populations that may be present in your area of practice. Describe which would be most appropriate for use in your research study and explain why. Then, describe the challenges of obtaining a sample from this population. How might you address those challenges? Be specific and provide examples. Be sure to also include the approach you would recommend to collect data from the sample that you described. Provide a rationale for the approach that you choose based on this week’s Learning Resources.

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