How will your practice experience inform your DSW education?

nal statement
(4 – 5 pages) The personal statement (no more than 5 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font) should include the following:
Why are you interested in pursuing a DSW?
Articulate why you are pursuing a DSW versus a PhD? Why now, at this stage in your career? What concentration area are you interested in (i.e., administration and leadership, clinical social work, military behavioral health, or social work education)? What impact you expect on your career and on social work practice?
How will your practice experience inform your DSW education?
Describe salient points of your practice experience, your current area of practice expertise and/or interest, and how they will support your education as an advanced practitioner.
Identify characteristics, circumstances, or challenges that could enhance or limit your success in pursuing a DSW (i.e., time management, technology, experience with online education, etc.).
Specify a practice problem or challenge that you would like to focus on as part of the DSW program curriculum. Your discussion should demonstrate critical thinking about social work practice, a basic understanding of the practice problem or challenge identified, and reflect an interest in improving practice.

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